Daisy 1980-1997 & Puppy 1987-2001 - Jeff misses you two every day

hEnRY the bEaR...cLiCk hErE tO sEe mOrE!

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Happy Halloween to all my family and friends! 2013 Best Overall Costume winners - Bill and Connie - are pictured here. Congrats!

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Updated: Aug 19, 2014

* The 11th annual Bales Halloween Party is fast approaching! Stay tuned for more info via Facebook.

* The Jeff & Ken's Frigid Classic 5 is coming in January 2015. It will be held at the outdoor rink in Frederick MD. Stay tuned for more information. Should be a great time as always!

* On July 3, 2014, my brother-in-law Tom Glasco passed away. Still so hard to believe it happened so fast. We all miss Tom dearly. I'll be posting more info here soon about Tom's life.

* As always I'm extremely busy with LawrenceCountyMemoirs.com and its going great. I'll be making a few appearances in the New Castle area soon. Check out the LCM Facebook page as well.

* Let's Go Steelers!

Jeff Jr.