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Travel & Historical Sites Gallery

This section is a collection of photos I have taken during visits to various places of interest over the last few years. Some of the pages are not really related to travel, but simply things that have taken place such as the Washington Navy Yard Flood of September 2003 and the historic Snowmageddon event of February 2010. I have plans to add many additional pages to this section as soon as time warrants. Email any comments to me at

YUMA AZ - The Road To Yuma '08

SAN DIEGO CA - San Diego '08

SAN DIEGO CA - USS Nimitz Visit '08

OAHU HI - Hawaii Misc '09

OAHU HI - Punchbowl Cemetery '09

OAHU HI - Ford Island '09

OAHU HI - USS Arizona Memorial '09

OAHU HI - USS Arizona Memorial Viewed From Ford Island

OAHU HI - USS Utah Memorial '09

OAHU HI - Hanauma Bay '09

TEMPLE HILLS MD - The Big Snow '09

TEMPLE HILLS MD - Snowmaggedon '10

NEW YORK NY - Ground Zero NYC '09

NEW YORK NY - New York Misc '09

PHILADELPHIA PA - Christ Church Cemetery '09

ARLINGTON VA - Arlington National Cemetery

WASHINGTON DC - Nationals Stadium & Area

WASHINGTON DC - Navy Yard of Today

WASHINGTON DC - Navy Yard of Yesteryear

WASHINGTON DC - Old Naval Hospital