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Family & Friends Gallery

This section is a collection of photos from various events and gatherings involving my family, friends, and co-workers. I will be adding much more older material to this section when I have time in the future. I hope you enjoy the pictures posted here and as always email any comments to me at

Badminton Tournament '07

My Favorite Photos

My Dogs

Angel's Little Angels

The Ferrets

Steel City Snipers Hockey '02-'04

Other Hockey Photos

Carol & Tom's Wedding '94

Jeff At Sports Shows

Jeff's 40th Birthday Bash '07

Ali's Farewell Party '08

July 4th Tailgating Bash '09

NCIS HQs Softball '09

Pavilion Crab Feast '09

Pavilion Holiday Party '09

NCIS HQs Softball '10

AMA/Budd's Creek Motorcross Event '10

August Tailgating Party '10

Angel Gaines Tribute

Pavilion Holiday Party '10

April Tailgating Party '11