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Steel City Snipers 2002-04

The Steel City Snipers MLRH franchise was founded by our owner Ralph Treat and several other University of Pitt players back in late 2002-early 2003. I heard about this team, which was being stood up for the 2002-03 MLRH season, and being from western PA I decided to check it out. I attended a scrimmage up in Harmerville PA and met a few of the players including Sean Bonini, Craig Maxwell, and Jason Jaworski. I quickly took over the practices and before long I was named coach and split the general manager duties with Maxwell. We played the entire 2002-03 season on the road because we were unable to secure a home rink in western PA. We did not do all that well and finished about 2-12 I think. The next season we found a home at Hot Shots Arena in Mt. Pleasant PA and played some home games finally. With the teams consolidated down to about half their number and talent was even tougher this season. I brought in a lot of players from MD that included John Rokos, Dave Young, Dan Voronkov, Eddie Dingles, Mike Staub, Jimmy Staub, and Kevin Spain. We finished without a win but had a great time! I'll always remember Ralph bringing the hoagies to each game, the constant roadtrips of that first season, driving to practices at Harmerville, throwing creamers and hoagies at each other while driving down I-95, losing a lot of really close games, my parents watching some of our games at Hot Shots, printing tickets and programs before our home games, poor Danny taking a puck in the eye, and partying at Webster Hall in NYC. This team lasted only two seasons but we were well organized and had a great group of guys.


Group photo taken at Hot Shots Arena in Mt. Pleasant PA after the Black & Gold scrimmage. That's me in the red jersey on left. Aug 2003.

Denis Robichaud makes a spectacular slidding save as Eddie Dingles helps out.

Tim Weissman stretches it out before the game.

Our owner Ralph Treat with the appreciation award I presented him before our last game in 2004. He loved it!

Tim McAuliffe with his son at Hot Shots Arena.

Mike Willoughby mixes it up against the Marple Gladiators.

Jeff Bales, John Rokos, Eddie Dingles, and Denis Robichaud outside Hot Shots Arena before the Black & Gold scrimmage. Aug 2003.

Jason Lockwood carries it up the rink against Marple.

C.J. Gamble takes a breather on the bench.

Fred "Flintstone" Faraoni is his new car! Pottstown PA.

D.J. Tindall during pregame warmups at the Flyers Skatezone in Voorhees NJ.

Our netminders for the 03-04 season: Denis Robichaud of Rockville MD, Kevin Connor of Columbus OH, and Dan DiRuggiero of North Olmstead OH.

Chris Vos, a Kent State alumni, signs a stick after the game at Hot Shots Arena.

D.J. Tindall hams it up!

Tim McAuliffe taking the faceoff against the New Jersey Wolves in Somerset NJ.

Jeff Tindall on the move!

Team warmups in Voorhees NJ in early 2003. Mike Willougby about to shoot on our goalie Jason.

The Snipers, in their first ever home game, about to square off with Boston Storm at HotShots Arena in Mount Pleasant PA.

C-Max and Coach Jeff Bales pose with our #1 fan and his parents.

Dan Voronkov during warmups.

Coach Bales calls for a line change.

Jason Jaworski and Flea Faraoni getting undressed after a hard fought game. This may be up in Hartford CT.

Jason Lockwood takes a shot against the Philadelphia Sting at Chantilly VA.

Tim Weissman cuts around the net in Chantilly VA.

D.J. Tindall with the "stare of death."

Playing the Philadelphia Sting during our first game of the 2003-04 season.

Webster Hall NYC - here we come!! What a night that was.

Jason Lockwood reads about the league in the MLRH newsletter. Jeff Tindall looks on.

Jason Jaworski mixes it up against the Marple Gladiators.

C-Max takes a nappie in the back on van. He were headed to IHOP somewhere in VA.

Tim Weissman is so good he only needs one hand.

Possibly Mike Staub taking a shot against the Ottakringer. C-Max is in front of the net looking for the deflection.

Who can forget the awesome hoagies our owner Ralph brought to every road game!

D.J. Tindall, on left, and Jason Jaworski skate during warmups.

Jimmy Staub is hungry.