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Military Memories

My father served in the U.S. Navy from his enlistment in late 1965 until his retirement in June 1986. During that time we had the opportunity to live at or near some unique duty stations including RAF Edzell Scotland, NCS Sidi Yahia Morocco, and NCS/NAVCAMS WestPac Guam. We also spent time at NAS Pensacola/Corry Field in Florida and Bolling AFB in Washington DC. I have posted photos and other items while attempting to provide a snapshot of our time spent at those locations.

NOTE: My mom took many of these old photographs. Her camera of choice was a Polaroid Instant (with the film packs) so the quality of many shots leaves a lot to be desired. However, I feel fortunate she captured all of these great memories.

* SCOTLAND 1970-74 *

Edzell & Area

RAF Edzell

Our House

Friends & People

RAF Edzell Map

Town of Edzell Map

Birthday Party '72

School Pics

Our Dogs

Parent's Corfu Vacation '72

X-Mas Photos

Dad's fishing/hunting

* MOROCCO 1974-75 *

NCS Sidi Yahia

Sidi Yahia Map/Overall

Sidi Yahia Map/Main Area

* FT MEADE MD 1975-78 *

Fort Meade Misc

Friends & People

Jeff Baseball - Super Twins '78

Carol Softball - Wildkats '78

School Pics

Baseball Fields '09

Thompson Court '09

* GUAM 1978-82 *

En route to Guam '78

Guam Reef Hotel '78

42 Banyan Circle

Friends & People

Family Photos

Christmas Day

Birthday Parties


South Fin Map

Typhoon Rita '78

Daisy Duke

Jeff Baseball - Cardinals '79

Jeff Baseball - Sharks '80

Jeff Baseball - Blue J's '81

Jeff Baseball - A's '82

Who were "The Fields?"

Lower Sigua Falls '82

Paseo Stadium

Dad on TDY

NCS Softball

NCS Football - Animal Pit

British Wives Picnic

Jeff - Soccer

Alison T-ball - Red Sox '82


Beach Photos

Block Party

Bday Parties

Boxing Smokers

Schools & Class Pics

Ali Learns Stuff

Toad Race & Softball Tourney '82

Horizon Hotel '82

* WASHINGTON DC 1982-86 *

368 Martin Street

Bolling AFB Overhead View

Jeff Soccer - Spartans '83

Dad's Navy Retirement '86

Martin Street Construction '07-'11

Bolling AFB Today