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NCIS HQ Softball - Summer 2010

Myself and Daniel Poche headed up the NCIS HQs Softball team for the 2010 NDW league, with games at Bolling AFB and NAVSTA Anacostia from May-August. We initially had teams in both the Men's and Co-ed but had to drop out of the Men's division due to lack of players. The core players consisted of Jeff Bales, Daniel Poche, Daniel Willis, Tony Fountain, Nick Emery, Derrick Williams, Sara Guay, Natalie Dymond, Barry Delisle, James Grier, Charles Harris, Carly Whitmore, Mike Bonacorsa, John Moore, Marcus Shaw, and Katrina Moore. Rob Files and Amanda Mullen came out for a game or two as well. We finished in first place for the season in the CO-ED division, but lost a thrilling second round playoff game on August 4 by a score of 11-10. We scored five runs in the last inning, but I was thrown out diving into home plate to end the game. My bad! Hey....Emery was the third base coach and sent me! Blame him. This season was memorable (or un-memorable maybe) for me as I injured my right foot diving into third base on May 25. I had broken a bone spur off by my large toe and had to deal with being in a soft case/walking boot for a month (and six months later it still hurts a bit). I did not miss any games though! Please don't tell my doctor. During the season Barry also moved to Beaverneck or Beaversack or Beaver something near Cincinnati, Ohio, and we missed him in left field the rest of the way. Well, we missed yelling at him anyway. The most improved player this season was undoubtedly....drum roll please.....Nick Emery. He really came at the plate and defensively at third base late in the season. Great job!