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Tailgating Party - Phils at Nats - Aug 2010

On August 1, 2010, myself and Daniel Poche organized a tailgating party for the Phils-Nats game in DC. It was a 1:00pm game so we met at the parking lot outside the Washington Navy Yard at 9am... and soon enough fired up the grill! We had shish-kabobs and sausage and numerous side dishes and it was a great time. The weather was awesome. Phils fans ruled the parking lot of course. Among those who attended were Lynda, John & Kim, Danny & Liz, Oxana, Tua, Carly, Oltmanns, Fountain, Emery, Barry, and Mike the Situation. At about 1:00pm we made our way down to the game. By the time we reached our seats the Phils were up 2-0, but had lost Ryan Howard to an ankle injury. Hamels and Lannan dueled it out and the good guys (Go Phils!) pulled out a 6-4 victory in 11 innings. Polanco had three hits for the Phils and Adam Dunn hot a homer for the Nats.